New ducklings captivate Dog, who adores them as though they were her own.

Neppy, the German Shepherd, is a well-known figure in the community. In general, she enjoys little creatures.

She enjoys children and spends a lot of time on her family’s farm with chicks, kittens, and ducks.

Because her family had lately gotten a huge number of ducklings, Neppy was thrilled. In these photographs, Neppy seems mesmerized as she watches ducklings frolic in a puddle.

She looks as if she’s under some type of spell, as she keeps staring at the ducklings! Neppy is overtaken with emotion and falls to the ground, where she continues to stare at the ducklings in wonder.

She gives the impression of being moved, as she ignores the unease of the moist ground and continues with her fascinating dances.

It’s not uncommon to see dogs acting crazily around the creatures they admire, but Neppy’s calm and compassionate attitude is unique. She adores all of the small creatures she encounters on a daily basis! She has a gentle and sensitive spirit, making her a loving and caring dog to be around.

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