She was adopted two days after removing a lot of fur from a cat.

By looking at this mound of matted fur, it was hard to identify what kind of animal was hiding behind it. What a pain it was to carry that much weight!

According to a call to the emergency veterinary service, an animal whose owner had died was in desperate need of help.

A few hours later, an unknown animal was brought to the shelter, hidden behind pounds of matted fur. It was a cat, I could tell by the faint meow!

The unfortunate creature was in such an awful state that medical personnel were at a loss for what to do. According to doctors, it was one of the most underappreciated situations they had to deal with.

The cat seemed unconcerned about the discomfort and anguish, which is uncommon because cats are usually terrified of even a simple haircut. After an hour of agonizing therapy, the 4-year-old cat was finally free of the burden she had been carrying for years.

Behind a heap of matted fur lay a gorgeous and gentle creature. The cat was really affectionate and expressed gratitude to everyone for their help.

The cat was handed to its new owners after all of the paperwork was finished in two days. The cat is cheerful and anxious to continue her active and happy life, which she has been denied for many years.

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