A pair of seals were photographed hugging each other tenderly.

For the time being, Valentine’s Day has passed, but love endures, and it turns out that not only people, but even wild creatures are capable of expressing true love.

There are countless inspiring stories and beautiful videos of animals in love on the internet. Despite this, two cute seals were recently seen on camera embracing in the loveliest way!

The amazing photo was taken off the coast of the United Kingdom, and the footage shows the two sea creatures cautiously embracing before kissing. All in the midst of a passionate underwater dance! The one-of-a-kind images were soon posted on social media and attracted widespread attention.

The doctor is a wildlife enthusiast who has spent over two decades studying and recording aquatic life. Despite recording dolphins, jellyfish, and other aquatic creatures, Ben grew too attached to the region’s seal population.

He even wrote a report on the seal population in the region. It wasn’t the first time a pair of seals showed off their love in front of the cameras. Animals, unlike humans, do not pick who they love based on their appearance, which is amazing.

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