Off the coast, a free diver comes face to face with a large blue whale.

For fans of marine life, swimming among the amazing creatures of the sea is a dream come true. However, sometimes one life is insufficient to achieve this aim, and some people are more fortunate than others!

This group of freedivers at sea has always longed to see a whale up close and personal. Their dream was just granted, and they even recorded the once-in-a-lifetime meeting, which produced amazing results!

All of the divers are seasoned divers who have traveled the globe in quest of the rare blue whale. However, they were soon confronted by massive creatures off the shore. A diver commented, “Swimming beside a whale was one of our craziest and most impossible goals.” «We were lucky enough to stumble across a huge group of sperm whales here.»

«Finally, we were able to meet the blue whale’s eyes twice throughout our time at sea. One of the divers commented, “It was worth forty hours for a few seconds of interaction.”

«I was planning my return to the boat when she appeared out of nowhere.» I shuffled in my seat, trying to find his eyes, which were hard to see in such a gigantic beast! She’s covered with remora and looks lovely.

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