The newborn panda panicked as his caregivers tried to take away his new favorite toy.

This little panda’s insistence on keeping his new favorite toy melts our hearts! When a baby panda receives a giant bouncing ball, he falls in love with it right away. The adorable little creature is completely enamored with his new toy and will not let go.

Despite the fact that the ball looks to be a bit too large for the tiny bear, the joyful keepers try to take it away from him. The whole thing was taped, and you’ll fall in love with it just as much as this cute panda did with his new toy! When he was a few months old, the newest member of the zoo’s massive panda family had to pass a coordination test.

With a plastic ball and a bamboo stick, the guards put the panda’s skills to the test. Rather than convincing them that he is in great shape, the small panda made everyone laugh by refusing to give up his new toys.

A zoo doctor added, “He really adored hugging it, rolling over it, and performing that sort of rolling and tumbling activity that baby pandas are so renowned for.”

Despite the fact that the panda’s dedicated guards had a difficult time extracting the toy from him, he exhibited his capacity to pass the exam. When he realized his game was over, though, it didn’t stop him from acting like a child.

He even threw a nice tantrum at the end to show that he was in charge. But no one was impressed!

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