Meet these two extraordinary creatures who adore spending time together.

These two creatures can’t imagine their existence without one another. The pals are presently residing at a shelter in the United Kingdom. The chicken met her huge pal as soon as she arrived at the shelter.

The pig who lives indoors is everyone’s favorite. In order to ascertain if the chicken was contaminated with avian flu, she had to be isolated in a room for the duration of the quarantine.

The pig’s story is quite standard. A teenage girl received a mini-pig for her birthday, which rapidly grew into a large pig. The pig was surrendered to a shelter after she was unable to care for the growing pet.

The pig was allowed to live in the house with four dogs by the shelter’s director. After rescuing her from a farm, the chicken ended up in a shelter. Since the moment they met, they’ve been inseparable.

The chicken spends most of the day clawing at the pig’s back. The pig is delighted because the chicken appears to be scratching his back.

Finally, the pig passed the quarantine and was allowed to join the other birds in the yard. She, on the other hand, would rather spend her time with the pig at home.

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