The 4-year-old introvert dog loves to be alone, sitting on a barstool like a human and passing judgment on her fellow canines.

There is a dog in North Carolina that is extremely comparable to a cat in terms of its independence and restraint.

She doesn’t play with other dogs; instead, she sits on a chair and looks down on them.

The dog is frequently seen in a dog-only “garden.” Her owner recorded a video of her “having a good time.” She enjoys being on the go, does not play with other dogs, and sits suspiciously alone. She has a poker face that is frequently indifferent.

The dog’s owner has her own theories on why her dog is behaving so strangely. “We assume she does this to demonstrate to other dogs that she believes she is superior to them by standing on furniture,” the owner explained.

The dog enjoys looking down on other people. The woman claimed that her favorite was usually jumping on chairs or other items intended for people. But she didn’t only sit like a normal person; she also embraced a variety of unusual human behaviors.

She enjoys sitting on top of objects — chairs, a bar, benches, and occasionally humans – and snuggling up in bed like a person.

“She adores traveling in the car and hangs her elbow out the window like a person.” “She prefers humans over dogs,” stated her owner. Although she does not appreciate playing with other dogs, her mother adores her for her own personality.

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