When she smells snow, the blind husky can’t help but bounce up and down.

For a blind husky, nothing beats somersaulting into a thick snowdrift. He smells the snow on the tips of his mustache before leaving the porch. When the snow melts, the dog begins to anticipate the next year and the first frost.

Surprisingly, as much as this husky enjoys snow, he abhors liquid water. Persuading him to swim is another story, and you’ll have to entice him to bathe after the dog park with food.

He’s really accessible. He is constantly on the lookout for new acquaintances. Even without eyes, he dutifully looks at the owner when she calls him: he turns his head and grins. Although it sounds menacing, it appears to be charming. The dog had lost his sight as a puppy. Unfortunately, the disease also progressed to the other eye. Both eyeballs had to be surgically removed, and the dog now resembles a comic-book dog, which suits his character well.

On the other hand, a blind husky is just like any other dog. It makes no difference to the owner, who is in love with her first dog.

It’s only that she tells the husky where the stairs are every time they enter a new place – and then she stays completely calm for him: the husky uses smell and vibrissae to sense air movement, so he knows precisely when an obstruction may materialize in front of him.

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