At a dog park, two husky sisters left their toys and a letter.

A couple of huskies strolled into the dog park, which was usually packed with well-behaved dogs and their owners, but not this time.

The park manager, Moana, was notified that the dogs had been walking for many days but that their owner had not been seen.

The dogs were given toys and a lovely note. The note added, ‘Our names are Jaada and Leyla.’ ‘We’re a pair of adorable one-year-old pups.’

Please don’t split us up. Without Jaada, Leyla will be unable to continue.’

People stated they saw the woman leave them and that she promised she would return, but she never did. Moana felt awful for Jaada and Leyla, but she was happy to have found the message.

They found Jaada and Leila a foster home, and once they’ve completed all treatments and been microchipped, they’ll start looking for a permanent family.

It’s conceivable that they’re already attached and won’t need to locate a new home because their temporary house’s owner has already fallen in love with them and is really loyal to them. In any event, we hope that this is the case.

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