A adorable puppy with a handicap was successfully treated and retrained to walk.

Imagine having to crawl around with your wrists dangling. This dog would have had to live in this condition for the rest of his life. He was almost certainly going to be put to death.

Thankfully, there were sympathetic people willing to help. A small terrier was born with reversed paws.

It wasn’t due to a broken bone or an injury. This is how the puppy was created. His expert surgeon believes the problems started while the puppy was still in the womb, or shortly after birth.

The elbows had barely twisted out of their weak joints, driving the paws upward. He was only 13 weeks old when she brought him to the dog shelter.

She was a typical puppy of her age, just like any other. With the exception of her twisted paws, she was in perfect health, enjoyed playing, and wagged her tail.

And she had to move on her hands and knees, resting on her wrists, because he couldn’t move normally due of them. Of course, this had an effect on her happiness. And the shelter decided to help the puppy regardless of the circumstances.

The dog needed time to adjust to his new paws. Regain a practical understanding of how to walk. She was entrusted to the care of a young doctor.

The dog was improving and growing in strength. Now that she is an adult, the dog is content and has a regular life, running and playing with her friends as a puppy should.

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