A boy with one leg missing and a dog with one paw missing become great buddies.

A few years ago, a boy lost his right leg owing to infection. He was able to obtain a golden retriever without the right front paw with the support of his parents.

A Facebook post about a dog without a paw was discovered by the boy’s therapist. They were seeking for a nurturing environment. The therapist phoned the breeder and notified her about a similar-specialty patient.

She stated, “We wanted the puppy to belong to someone who has a limb difference as well.”

The boy’s father recalls, “It was love at first sight.” Marvel was laughed at, and the youngsters rolled around on the floor with her.

The arrival of the dog in the household, according to the boy’s mother, boosted his activity, which had a direct impact on the development of his physical talents.

«It enables him to tell other kids things like, ‘Oh, she doesn’t have enough paws, she looks like me.’ And it provides him a voice to defend himself,’» stated the woman.

Their unusual friendship will undoubtedly continue to blossom. Marvel is now able to walk on three legs, but she will be able to use a wheelchair or prosthesis if needed.

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