A gorgeous squirrel family built a nest outside the window of a wildlife photographer.

This photographer had not anticipated such a wonderful occasion, but he took advantage of it and shared the photographs on social media.

On his Facebook profile, he has a lot of lovely nature images. The most recent photograph, on the other hand, was really charming. In any event, the vast majority of internet users concurred.

Ludwig managed to get a video of the squirrel family sleeping. Two squirrels slept on their backs with their mouths open, while a third embraced one of them. Initially, the photographer was captivated by the twigs on his windowsill, which appeared to have been swept away by the wind. He later noticed that a construction project had started nearby.

Following the rats who had succeeded in building a nest, the photographer proceeded to follow them, and soon a cub joined the family. After that, the animals ventured out of the nest one day to sleep throughout the day.

Ludwig began taking photos with his smartphone so he wouldn’t miss the event. A series of images quickly went viral on the internet, generating a lot of interest among fans.

Video from internet: