The puppy is friends with the fluffiest dogs at the daycare so she can nap on them.

This puppy found the most peaceful place to sleep. Fluffy dogs are cradling the infant. When Edna’s owners have to go to work, they take her to a doggie day care. Edna is usually tired after having so much fun with her tail friends.

When it’s time to rest, the infant, on the other hand, does not sleep on the sofa or on a blanket.

Edna, on the other hand, seeks for the fluffiest puppy she can find and falls asleep right there on it. Edna’s friends are okay with her using them as cushions.

They are always willing to «lend» the infant their fluffy belly or back to make him or her feel better.

Take a peek at this cutie pie: Edna is impossible to wake up, much alone move her new woolen cushion, now that she’s discovered the perfect dog to sleep on. The other tailed guests became noticeably calmer and more affectionate as a result of Edna’s presence, according to the day care personnel.

When the dog’s owners arrive to pick her up, they are unable to separate her from another dog and take her home. All is fair, though. You must occasionally rely on exquisite joys.

What could be better than a dog game that ends in a lovely dream on a fluffy tail?

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