This disabled turtle can now move around thanks to a massive homemade wheelchair.

A group of prosthetists who develop bespoke solutions for disabled pets created a turtle wheelchair. They created a one-of-a-kind platform and fitted it with wheels. A tortoise has trouble walking due to a congenital defect.

As a result, the animal can remain still eternally. Because the turtle was born with a disease. His legs are underdeveloped and unable to fully function. Although he may have died in the wild, he was saved and now lives with his owner.

This is the third-largest terrestrial animal after the elephant and the giant tortoise. When the turtle’s owner realized what he was in for, he started seeking ways to help him. She came upon a story about a turtle who was paralyzed on his hind legs after colliding with a car’s wheels. A skilled staff, though, fitted him with a custom wheelchair.

The design also includes a tourniquet that may be extended as the animal grows. The turtle can now run as fast as his natural instincts will allow around the yard.

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