This young bird, who is attempting to mature, has instead become a celebrity.

Adulting is a challenging process that significantly alters one’s life, bringing countless changes and, at times, obstacles. Everyone who has gone through the so-called “transition period” knows what I’m talking about.

On the other hand, children do not feel that being an adult is difficult. As a result, they dream about reaching adulthood as soon as possible.

In a very dramatic way, a newborn flamingo in an aviary demonstrates this pure, childish desire to grow up. He focuses all of his work to become a fully developed adult flamingo while still a little baby.

He stretches his long legs, tries to stay on one, falls, and then strives to become an adult bird again and again. The baby’s attempts to imitate an adult flamingo entertain those who keep a watch on him.

«Wow, wow!» screams the Aviary’s staff and guests, according to one of the photos on the organization’s Facebook page. What a lovely lady!»

The baby’s drive to grow up, as well as its lovely long legs and cuddling fluffiness, is adored.

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