A dog surprisingly survives a 170-foot cliff fall unharmed.

The incredible rescue of a dog who fell from a steep cliff was published on Facebook by an animal protection organization. According to the owner, his dog chased a lizard, tripped, and fell over a cliff while out for a walk. The man had prepared himself for the worst.

He dispatched a rescue team, who searched the area but were unable to find the dog. On the other hand, they encountered people who claimed to have seen a dog that matched the description in the woods. The owner and the Rescue Team went to the stated coordinates.

The dog had clearly been seriously injured, if not already deceased. What was the rescuers’ reaction when the dog emerged safely? That was incredible!

The dog suffered no fractures after flying 170 feet off a vertical cliff. The puppy was examined. The dog revealed no signs of major internal organ injury or trauma, according to experts.

The dog was relieved to have been discovered. He responded to everyone with a happy wag of his tail. The dog was returned to his owner after it was established that he did not require medical attention.

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