A couple went to a shelter to adopt a cat, but she refused to give up her best friend, so they adopted both of them instead.

At a shelter, Lucy and Louie met. Despite the fact that Louie was a loner, Lucy clung to him and refused to let go. As a result, their great friendship grew stronger.

Jones and his fiancée went to a shelter in quest of a puppy before meeting these two best friends but instead came home with two cats.

‘When we started looking for the puppy, we forgot we live in an apartment and work full-time.’

‘We don’t spend much time at home because the dogs require so much attention,’ Jones continues. ‘As a result, we came to the conclusion that adopting a cat was the best option.’

‘The instant my girlfriend saw Lucy, she fell in love with her.’ We took some time to consider our options before returning two weeks later. Lucy had not vanished.’

Lucy, on the other hand, was worried about leaving her best friend behind. As a result, the couple decided to bring Louie along, if only temporarily. Lucy is able to quickly adapt to new situations as a result.

It became evident a few hours after people and cats arrived at their home that the two feline pals couldn’t be separated.

They are two halves of the same whole, and their bond is extremely strong. Louie quickly established himself as a valuable member of the household. That means the best friends will never have to say their goodbyes!

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