A dog with the appearance of a bear cub was given to a shelter, but swiftly rose to fame.

On the internet, animals with distinguishing features are very popular. These are usually cats or dogs that are very stunning and cannot be overlooked.

The cutest creatures are placed in the frames, but it is unacceptable that not everyone can appreciate animal beauty. As a result, a Pomeranian puppy breeder received additional progeny.

One puppy, however, stood out from the rest of the litter. He was a bigger Pomeranian than the others, with a thicker coat. Because it appeared the breeder would be unable to sell this unusual cub, he surrendered him to the shelter.

A beautiful infant with the appearance of a bear cub did not stay in the shelter for long. They found him a loving home quickly. The proprietor of a New York art gallery took him in. Many people have come to see him, and he’s become a big attraction in this gallery.

On her Instagram account, the girl routinely posts photos of herself and her cat. He has a huge Instagram following and has established himself as an Instagram celebrity.

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