A sweet stray cat walked the streets, his collar adorned with a heartfelt inscription.

When she was spotted walking the streets of Illinois, this cat was certainly not homeless. The sympathetic persons who found her noticed her tidy coat and charming demeanor.

The cat was immediately taken to a neighboring shelter.

The shelter volunteers were taken aback by a handwritten statement attached to the cat’s collar.

‘Goodbye, Vila. I wish I could wrap my arms around you. ‘Bye, Vila; I hope you find a wonderful home.’

The shelter persisted in its attempts to find Vila a loving family and a permanent home despite the fact that they had no information about her previous owners. So they snapped a photo of the cat and shared it on social media, where the story stunned many people.

Sara was one of them, and as she read the message, she couldn’t stop crying. The woman made the decision to rush to the shelter in order to meet this adorable kitten.

Sara arrived the next day at the shelter with Vila in her arms.

Vila seemed more calm as soon as she walked into her new home and pretended to have lived there for a long time.

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