The owners were surprised when their pet chicken gave birth to a duck.

It all started with the boredom pandemic. A couple was looking for a way to pass the time. Animal lovers decided to expand the farm by adding six silk ducks and three silk chickens into the house.

Chickens and ducks kept a polite distance from one another and stayed out of one other’s way. The sight of a chicken hatching a duck egg stunned the wife! «We made the mistake of believing that nothing would happen».

The owners of the hen decided to let her alone. Soon after being discovered, the hen laid seven eggs, of which eight have already hatched. In December, the husband discovered that the first chicken egg had given birth. In the heated environment, the eggs began to crack one by one.

The last egg’s shell split after a while, and a little duckling emerged. The baby immediately recognized the hen as his mother and greeted her warmly.

Even though he doesn’t fit in, he wants to be taken care of by his mother! The mother hen was eventually returned to the coop after becoming too upset. The duckling and its chicken siblings, on the other hand, were unharmed.

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