This rescued kitten is overjoyed and can’t stop purring.

Cats have a bad image of being cold, aloof, and grouchy. When people think of a cat’s disposition, the words “joyous” and “good-natured” don’t normally spring to mind.

Thankfully, this ginger kitten proved that cats are more carefree than people think. This lucky kitten’s name is Reya. And she has reason to be happy since she is no longer a homeless person.

She’s reunited with her long-lost relatives! The clever look on the small fluffy ball’s face resembles a sparkling smile, suggesting her immense satisfaction.

‘Because I already had two kittens, I didn’t go out of my way to get another.’

When I was walking home from work, though, I had a strong sensation that I wanted to go to the animal shelter.’

‘I saw this petite lady there and was instantly enthralled by her!’

‘Reya hasn’t stopped smiling since I took her home,’ says the author. ‘Her name was inspired by one of the cartoon characters.’

Fortunately, this sweet kitten was adopted by a loving family who will care for her for the rest of her life. Hopefully, every stray animal will be reunited with its owner at some point.

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