Her reliable dog locates a missing woman with memory loss.

A Texas lady who had been lost for days at a park is now safe thanks to her devoted dog, Maxie. Sharon, 64, had recently suffered from memory loss, and despite knowing her way around the trails, she became disoriented when walking with Maxie.

Sharon’s family and friends had spent days scouring the 2,800-acre park with the deputies but to no effect. Sharon’s children’s friends have formed a group to track their friend’s mother. They eventually stopped when they heard Maxie barking.

Because there were presumably no other dogs nearby at the time, they knew it was her as soon as they heard the bark. Sharon and Maxie, on the other hand, seemed to be in good spirits. She wasn’t perplexed, but she was perplexed and unsure of what to do.

If Maxie hadn’t notified the rescuers, they might not have discovered her. ‘With Maxie, this dog had no collar and stayed at his side for four days,’ Sharon’s son Sam says.

‘And that only goes to show how devoted the dog is.’ Maxie, who died two years ago, was their brother’s dog. ‘He’s the only thing we have of him,’ Sam explained.

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