A stray dog sleeps with her new siblings at night.

On the street, a dog was discovered. Her owner was in a tough predicament and had to beg for help. He couldn’t care for a pet anymore, so the dog became a stray.

However, luck smiled on the puppy, and she was discovered by a woman at a San Francisco municipal shelter where she had been abandoned after being abducted.

She has two guinea pigs at home. After bringing the dog home, the lady was anxious about how the dog would react to them. She didn’t want her guinea pigs to be scared or maybe bitten by her new pet. But her concerns were unwarranted; from the first minute, all three liked each other.

The dog initially smelled the guinea pigs through the cage bars, then sat on the woman’s lap to get to know them better. The owner had been putting the guinea pigs on the couch for months.

When the lady saw there was nothing to be scared of, she left the guinea pigs loose on the floor, and half an hour later, she discovered them relaxing in the dog’s embrace.

Since then, the rescued dog and her two new companions have been inseparable. They lie on the dog’s mattress together, and she licks their fur softly at night. «They’re such a terrific pair, and they’re so adorable together», says the woman. «They’re a fantastic match for each other».

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