Almost every day after work, this woman journeys to the Turkish highlands to look after stray pets.

In Turkey’s highlands and vacant spaces, stray animals are regularly seen. They are continually looking for food and water, and they are not always successful.

Fortunately, people like this woman, Aza, who is one of the few really noble residents who cares for stray dogs, exist. Aza journeys to the Turkish mountains, where she encounters hundreds of stray dogs in desperate need of food and water.

She has been feeding and caring for these creatures for the past 10 years. Her journey is two hours long, and she does it almost every evening after work. She’s been doing it for a long time and spends all of her time and energy to helping these adorable animals.

Since the expense of buying water and food, as well as motor fuel, continues to grow, the woman welcomes donations. She admits that these canines are similar like her children, with their own names, personalities, and backstories.

She believes that all animals deserve to be loved, and that every opportunity to aid should be taken.

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