Tigers that have spent their entire lives in zoos relish the opportunity to swim for the first time.

When a pair of rescued tigers were freed from the zoo and went into the river for the first time, this beautiful scenario occurred. Cati and Lilo were rescued from a zoo in New York State.

The tigers were eleven years old at the time, and they were sent to a refuge in Nevada, where they could live in as natural an environment as possible.

They finally got to feel what it’s like to be tigers and enjoy all of the wonders that nature has to offer after so many difficult years. Kelley, a volunteer, went to observe the tigers in their new surroundings and witnessed their first attempts at swimming.

‘The general consensus is that cats loathe water, which is basically correct. Except for the tigers, who enjoy playing in the water,’ stated the worker.

As you may imagine from this narrative, wild cats like washing and have the ability to do it naturally, even though they haven’t done so in a long time. It’s fantastic that there are organizations committed to aiding wild animals and rescuing them from dangerous living conditions.

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