A Siberian Husky with an uncommon brown hue and gorgeous eyes has become the latest Instagram sensation.

Take a look at this gorgeous Husky in a distinctive brown hue. Isn’t he gorgeous? This is a relatively new Internet star, with around 121 thousand Instagram followers.

In addition, the dog goes by the moniker SaQuoi, or Qui for short. Despite being a pure husky, he has a brown coat and bright eyes that are not typical of the breed.

A brown Husky is a rare breed, and its owner has already seen an upsurge in interest in the dog. People stop to touch him, inquire about him, and are surprised to learn that he is a Husky, despite the fact that he has a certificate to prove it, she adds.

SaQuo’s loving owner had meant to purchase another pet, but this lovely puppy immediately captured her heart, and she realized that this was precisely what she had hoped for, despite the fact that she had been looking for something entirely different.

In addition to his beautiful appearance, Nicky remarked that the dog has a very pleasant temperament and is highly clever and quick-witted. Isn’t it wonderful?

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