The pig and the rescued cat have become closest friends and are practically inseparable.

Have you come across these cute creatures? Lara is a pig, and Maria is a cat. Both were rescued at the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary in Chile by animal rights activists.

These newborns were given poor care and attention, and now this adorable duo is a match made in heaven. Maria was rescued from the streets as a newborn by a nice and kind man.

She was just a few days old at the moment, and it was obvious that the baby would not be able to carry on till the morning. On the other side, Lara suffered a similar fate. She was born in a rough neighborhood, but she was saved and given a safe haven.

They met in the shelter and immediately reached out to each other.

And we will honor individuals who provide such an important service as saving our four-legged friends, hoping that their efforts may inspire others, because every day, so many of our smaller animals suffer as a result of someone’s actions.

Don’t you think it’s a fantastic story? I hope all of the stories come to a happy conclusion like this one.

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