The world’s largest sea turtle washes ashore on the beach, which is an incredible sight.

Consider the following stunning scene: a big leatherback turtle emerges from the sea to rest on a sandy beach. Leatherback turtles are the biggest of these creatures, and they don’t have a hard shell like their sibling species.

Their backs are covered with thick skin, and the species gets its name from this. These colossi are solitary creatures who only interact with other species when it’s time to reproduce.

They lay their eggs on the sand, just like all other turtles, and their pups hatch and swim to the sea on their own. These turtles can withstand freezing temperatures and will dive deep to catch and consume jellyfish.

The massive fins of these turtles may reach three meters in length, which is significantly longer than those of regular leatherback turtles.

It’s very incredible to come across creatures that exhibit the richness of our natural world, in which you can observe a broad range of sizes, sorts, and forms of not just various species, but even one, and we, as humans, should attempt to treat it with more care.

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