Little kitten begs to be let on the balcony and is finally adopted by another feline.

In the hopes of attracting this kitty to a safe spot, a woman began placing food near her home. The weather had become very cold outside, and the lady was frantic to save the cat, so she put up a kitty trap.

Soon later, the lady heard three little cats nibbling on the food in the vicinity of the trap. One of them was a little, black cat, and she was fascinated enough to approach the lady’s house kitty via the doorway.

She walked all the way to the front door and peered inside with her paws on the window. The other two missing cats bolted, but the grey cat stayed there.

This particular family was clearly picked. Through the door, the cat and the house kitty had a short welcome, and the small cat was soon hungry. The lady took her in, and that night the cat had a warm and comfy place to sleep.

The kitty was inspected, neutered, and adopted by the caring and kind lady as she continued to support other neighborhood animals.

Isn’t this a fantastic story?

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