So massive, but so careful. A huge Great Dane looked after the kittens.

Meet Coby, a Great Dane with an estimated weight of 80 kg. Many people avoid him because of his large size, yet his owners claim that no creature is more delicate and loving than their pet.

As a result, Coby has volunteered for several years to help her owner care for the kittens. Despite the fact that the kittens’ weights seldom exceed 300 grams, the colossal Coby did not hesitate to disturb any of them.

Samule, the Great Dane’s owner, believes that if other animals are not intimidated, his dog likes playing with them. He just accepts new pets into the family and serves his owner in any way that he can.

Initially, Samule and her husband prohibited the dog from approaching the kittens. Besides, even if Coby didn’t mean to bother them, his carelessness was bound to make them uncomfortable.

The dog, on the other hand, immediately converted into an unusually loving and attentive guardian, behaving very attentively with the small kittens, who do not fear him and consider him as their mother.

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