The small dog devotes his entire day to carrying sticks to his dearest companion.

Both of these dogs were adopted by the same huge rescue pet family. Since the beginning, they’ve been excellent friends. The couple’s mother recalls, “They bonded the moment they met.” ‘For some reason, they have pulled to each other right away.’

When they first met, it was love at first sight. They’ve become inseparable.’ They now spend every day together and are constantly together. They like eating, sleeping, and sunbathing together, and they also tend to follow each other around.

The dog delights in expressing his love for his brother in particular. He gives him kisses, but his preferred method of expressing his affection is to deliver the turtle his most prized possessions – sticks.

‘Whenever my dog finds a stick in the yard, he takes it over to the turtle,’ stated their mother.

With his stick, the dog dances about the turtle, but the tortoise appears uninterested. The dog will never stop delivering sticks to the turtle, even though he does not share his brother’s enthusiasm for them.

He enjoys both sticks and his younger brother, so combining the two is a natural fit for him. Although the turtle dislikes sticks, he adores his brother. As long as he’s with him, nothing else matters.

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