A woman found a box with a wild boar on her porch.

Anne’s contact with strange creatures was not her first. They had encircled her enormous mansion in the hilly highlands of Sri Lanka. She was taken surprised when she spotted a baby boar in a box on her porch, to put it nicely.

The gardener noticed the infant early in the morning. Because his mother was not around, he placed the baby in a box and left him at the door.

Anne and her partner understood that the young animal couldn’t survive without a mother.

As a result, they constructed her a little bed in their living room and kept her warm with pads. The young lady did everything she could to learn about the intricacies of boar care.

Anne and her boyfriend alternated falling asleep in the living room with her as soon as she woke up, having discovered little information on the Internet and having read that they required to be fed hourly.

Yeji was given to the boar, and he became fast friends with the girl’s four dogs. She soon made friends with everyone. Now that Yeji has been rescued, he imitates canine behavior in all he does and feels himself to be one of them.

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