Sweet little puppy adores flowers and insists on sniffing each one he comes across.

Dogs are notorious for their insatiable desire to sniff at everything. And this cute puppy believes that flowers have the finest scent. According to the dog’s owner, Finny has loved flowers since he was a little puppy.

According to owner Lily Smith, Finny adored going to her father’s garden when she was a puppy. His curiosity was sparked by flowers. The dog just sat there sniffing them. Even when he is indoors, he manages to satisfy his flower craving. He rushes onto the tables, potted flowers in his hands, and sniffs them.

At times, even fake flowers attract his curiosity. Finny, though, likes something other than the scent of flowers. His parents, to be precise. He goes everywhere with his mother and likes to sleep in the same bed as his father, who is wrapped up under his blanket.

Finny takes advantage of the chance to pop his head out of the shopping cart and sniff the artificial flower shelves as Lily goes shopping with him. His favorite flower is the pansy.

Although these blossoms are edible, Finny refuses to eat them.

Because dogs’ sense of smell is 150,000 times better and more sensitive than humans, we can only guess what odors these flowers generate for them.

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