Enige is the biggest feline in the planet. A tiger-lion cross is a 350-pound hybrid of a tiger and a lion.

The tiger-lion hybrid Enige is the biggest cat in the family. Despite his incredible height and weight of more than three centimeters, he has a calm and kind demeanor.

This monster got renowned after travelling with animal rights advocate and wildlife activist Sam Watson and Travis AntIe in a small hamlet in South Carolina. These films were posted on YouTube and rapidly became famous, causing them to spread over the internet.

Of course, the cat is incredible, but how much does this 350-kilogram cat consume, quipped a former football player who had become attracted by this massive feline.

According to him, the fangs of this liger (a cross between a lion and a tiger) are the size of a man’s middle finger, the tongue is the same size as his forearm, and the liger’s size and weight are double that of tigers or lions.

It’s not every day that you come upon such a stunning and unusual creature. This species reminds us of ancient creatures that were considerably larger than modern animals. Hopefully, the large kitten will have a long and happy life, entertaining the many visitors that come to see him.

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