When a boy meets a dog who has the same skin problem as him, the two become fast friends.

Being distinctive nowadays is a source of pride. Being different allows a youngster to have endless thoughts about his or her place in the peer group. Children want to fit in with the crowd rather than stick out.

Noah is an eight-year-old boy who suffers from vitiligo. Noah loathed his complexion and look since it was too different from that of others, according to his adoptive mother Susan.

This continued until the youngster found a new acquaintance who shared his oddity. Then, one beautiful day, a miracle arrived in the form of a purebred black Labrador.

Rodeo was the 14-year-old dog’s name.

He was diagnosed with vitiligo the same year as Noah! Noah’s mother discovered him on the internet. ‘When I showed Noah the newspaper, he was ecstatic to find that there is a dog with vitiligo.’

Noah hugged Rodeo as soon as he entered the room, as if they’d known one other for years. The boy’s self-assurance grew.

‘Noah believes we have ‘boring’ skin since we don’t have vitiligo,’ Susan chuckles.

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