The shyest of his litter, a little cat discovered behind a store, proves to be a fantastic hugger.

A rescue crew of employees was alerted to a feral kitty living behind a store with four kittens. They were taken into care right away because they needed medical attention. Tobby was the group’s quietest member.

He made an attempt to stow away from everyone, claiming that he had nothing to do with them. The kitten let out his most notable purring the next day after a lot of goodies and coaxing, and gradually grew acclimated to his master.

The kitten became ill after a few days. ‘I took him home and sat him in my lap all day, dozing and purring.’ The kitty began to seek companionship after feeling love and summoned his determination to study his surroundings.

He felt better about his temporary mother’s presence after snuggling with her. ‘He’s humble at first, but after you earn his trust, he’s really kind,’ stated the lady.

The cat is still the most timid of his family, but he’s ready for his next thrilling role in daily life. He’s hoping that a caring family would see that underneath that shy demeanor, he’s the finest hugger in the world.

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