After putting his paws in the refrigerator, the cat Piggy gained popularity.

A new celebrity has lately emerged on the internet. The owners of a petrol station found a ginger cat named Piggy there. They fell in love with him immediately away and carried him home, as is only natural.

They were unaware of his incredible energy, though! The language on the sign, the image of the cat, and—most importantly—himself all gained notoriety online. According to the writing on the sign, make sure there is a ginger cat’s paw here before shutting the refrigerator door.

On the internet, the picture has received a lot of attention. According to the cat’s owners, it is not staged. When this situation transpired, they were going to snap a photo of this “reminder”!

Additionally, Piggy has never been harmed, the owners assure those who are excited about this frame.

On the other hand, no one ever touched his paws.

Consuming delicious food and getting into small areas are two of Piggy’s favorite pastimes! The cat has a pretty lively personality, according to the owners. There is a place for Piggy in every part of the house. Like a real cat, he will never express his love for the owners.

Video from internet: