The six-month-old infant, who is surrounded by extra-soft dogs, beams with joy.

Six-month-old Leo frequently poses with hairy dogs that seem like a golden retriever mixed with a poodle. Even on Instagram, Mother Jessie has 700,000 dog and kid-focused followers.

Charles and Sheea, two more one-year-old golden doodles from the same litter, are also Jessie’s offspring. Leo, her kid, likes playing with tiny dogs and has a special relationship with them.

Leo will soon start giving the dogs goodies, which is great to see, according to Jessie. Over the past month, Leo has really started to pet them, look for them, and become more conscious of their existence, which has been wonderful to witness.

People joked that Leo might mistakenly believe he was a dog if he saw the pictures! He is a very confident and light-hearted young man; undoubtedly, some of this is due to his inherited traits and endearing personality traits. However, the mother thinks that her daughter’s behavior was influenced by dogs.

My major goal in creating this account was to let some restrictions go and share images of his family’s daily activities, especially the joyous lives of unbreakable pals.

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