Using an old bag as a costume, a 17-year-old orangutan amused guests and zoo staff.

By creating a dress out of an old bag, a female orangutan amazed guests and zoo staff. It’s important to note that none of her family members had thought about it.

Gambit emerged in front of the visitors, startling them with her casual striped attire. Later, zoo staff members told the tourists that they had chosen to give the bags to the orangutans so that they could see how they would use them.

The actions of the orangutans first failed to amaze the specialists since they behaved in a manner similar to that of most humans, making use of the items provided to better their living conditions.

Gambit quickly caught the attention of the monkey-watching team once she was able to insert her paws inside the holes created by the keepers. The monkey made a second hole and inserted her head through it.

When her efforts paid off, she went for a walk while wearing a new outfit, which inspired a round of applause from the audience. The zoo staff made a joke about giving Gambit another bag so she could finish off her ensemble with a cap and fresh bag.

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