When a baby fox finds a woman’s yard, she decides it is now hers.

Emma was seated in her office working on something one day towards the end of July. She had just thrown open the kitchen door to allow some fresh air in when she suddenly had the feeling that she wasn’t alone.

Emma met the fox for the first time at that point. Daily occurrences of the fox in Emma’s yard led her to put together the fox’s origin story.

The fox quickly began to feel at comfortable in her new surroundings. Now, she behaves as though she has always lived there. She hangs out with the cats, relaxes on the outside sofa, and occasionally sneaks inside the house to take Emma’s slippers.

The fox understood it was safe and started bringing her sibling around. The two now have their own playground in Emma’s yard. When Emma learned that the pair had entered the house illegally, she made it impossible for them to return, which infuriated the fox.

The fox and her sibling are still young, being just approximately 4 months old. Simply put, the adorable little foxes only needed a safe environment to develop. They choose Emma’s yard as their safe refuge, which makes Emma very happy.

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