Meet the beautiful and uncommon German “Black Woods” horses.

The gorgeous golden mane of the Black Woods horses stands out nicely against their chestnut coat. This breed of horse has a history that dates back centuries, and it has developed in southwest Germany.

However, they are currently in danger of being extinct. The collection listed 1,002 mares and 81 stallions in just one year. However, it is anticipated that diligent breeding will lead to an increase in population soon.

To prevent the extinction of this breed of horse, many people have committed their life. Although they are smaller than our standard horses, they are strong and independent.

They are physically quite strong, yet that doesn’t make them any less kind or patient. Their typical growth spans from 15.4 to 17 hands. For those who are new to horseback riding, Black Woods horses are a great option.

Their helpful nature benefits newbies to the field. Although they may be used for carriage trips, they are primarily utilized for riding. It is important to recognize that these horses are great gifts from nature.

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