This courageous cat became separated from his family but boarded the train and found his way back.

This amazing tale serves as more proof that social media and the Internet may offer unquestionable advantages despite their numerous problems. France served as the scene for this story.

Cat was so cunning that she found out how to use the passenger train to get to her mother’s house. The passengers saw the cat’s tenacity as she climbed into the car, and the conductor, unable to refuse such a beautiful being, decided to take her with him.

The kitten was peaceful and well-behaved the whole flight, he continued. Until the train pulled into the last stop, she stayed inside the cabin, periodically looking out the window to see what was happening.

The conductor took a picture of the cat and tweeted it along with a comment identifying the station he had just arrived at. The intelligent cat would be thrilled to find a home, he continued.

A user remembered reading a notification stating that the owner had lost a cat that strangely resembled the one they owned. After learning that her cat was at the station waiting for her, the owner traveled there the next day to pick her up.

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