The toddler sneaks into the room just before sleep to give his nursing puppy a few cuddles.

A picture of a little child doing good deeds has gone viral. Sometimes, the bonds that develop between infants and their pets endure a lifetime. Owning a dog is like having a new brother or relative since dogs are family members.

But it seems as even when the dog has her own litter of puppies, a little girl adopts the role of “big sis” or “mom” to her dog! In a video, the young girl can be seen entering the dog’s room, where the mother is curled up in bed nursing her pups.

The youngster reaches over the bed, stroked the dog, and gives it a hug before sprinting back to the door. The little girl appears to be giving the pet a goodnight embrace in the pitch-black room. Wow, what a find! The adorable girl’s actions thrilled viewers, and the pictures rapidly went viral.

Thousands of people have commented on the photo and thousands of people have watched it. Remember, this is how the child behaves when she is not aware that she is being watched. Decent individuals are raised by good parents. She’s going to improve things in the world.

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