Despite criticism about his appearance, this affectionate cat likes to pose for photographs.

The feline, a short-haired breed with a unique look and attitude, is about 3-years-old. He possesses several endearing qualities that meet the variety’s requirements, but what distinguishes him from the rest is his endearingly absurd grin.

When he was around a year old, his mother writes, “I found that he was by all accounts more expressive than my different felines.” I eventually took the decision to start taking pictures of his amusing grin since he frequently made stupid expressions while I played with him.

He enjoys sporting sunglasses a lot. When you see his cheerful face on your newsfeed, it’s difficult to resist grinning back. The cat’s grin, nevertheless, does not always elicit a favorable reaction.

Even if some people think he’s unattractive, his mother acknowledges that the vast majority of reactions to him are good. On the other hand, the inquisitive cat doesn’t seem to be phased by these comments.

He spends his days bringing joy to people with his peculiar grin and is proud of his peculiar features.

Pixie is such a lovely and special cat, am I right?

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