For more than 20 years, a guy has been swimming in the pool with a polar bear as pals.

Sam Dumas, a 68-year-old Canadian, gained worldwide recognition as a result of his first companion. She has been good friends with the polar bear for 24 years, and they regularly swim together in the pool when he unexpectedly pays a visit.

Agee the polar bear has been Sam’s companion for 24 years. Sam is a licensed animal trainer. She likes being with her master and converses with him as if he were a member of her own species.

The she-bear is over 351 kilos in weight and has lived among humans her entire life. Sam monitored her training directly. In 1996, she was given her first job as a youngster; nonetheless, she is now a movie and commercial star.

The man has become so accustomed to his bear that he is unable to imagine life without her. He said that polar bears can only survive outside of their natural habitat for 36 years.

The bear is provided with everything she requires and has the most opulent living conditions. Who would have imagined that such a remarkable friendship would develop.

Nice, huh? Such a distinctive pet would appeal to everyone.

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