Every day, the faithful cat takes the children to school and even attempts to follow them inside.

The cat was taken in by Lucy’s owner, Anita, a mother of two, two years ago. The cat rapidly warmed up to the family and formed a special connection with the boy and girl. The children were at home a lot.

She accompanied them everywhere and walked the kids. While the kids were homeschooled, Anita attended school every day for the free lunches. Even after the children resumed their regular full-time attendance at school, Lucy continued to accompany them everywhere.

One day, Lucy decided to enroll in school. She silently entered the school after the students, but she was quickly found. The cat’s boldness startled Anita, who constantly apologized to the teacher.

Lucy was at a distance from the front doors, attempting to enter as if she were waiting for the right moment to do so, when Anita raced to the school. But when the cat spotted Anita, she pretended nothing had happened.

They were only able to lure the cat inside by giving it food. Please don’t give up; we are sure the cat will try again.

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