She was reunited with her brothers after 50 years of serving as a circus elephant.

When you witness the rescued elephant reunited with her closest friends, you’ll be brought to tears. For more than 50 years, three elephants have been required to perform in front of spectators in the circus. The wonderful creature was eventually saved at the end of it all.

But when the third remained, two of them were sent to the reserves. Thanks to the rescuers, Maya, Sata, and Rahea now have a shot at a new life. But saving them was not an easy task.

For months, the volunteer gave her all to get the three “sisters” to the shelter. Rahea had to leave the sanctuary since she was unsure of when she would see Maya and Sata again.

Rahea was ultimately reunited with her friends after months of separation, which was a blessing for the animal rights advocates. The bond between the elephants, who range in age from 44 to 50, may be considered to be the most sincere.

After a 3,000-kilometer journey that took over six days, Rahea was reunited with her “sisters,” and their reunion was too emotional. Maya, Sata, and Rahea now have the chance to lead happy, liberated lives.

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