For 12 years, the lion and the person who saved him have been buddies. Their tale will move you to tears.

Naturally, lions are dangerous animals that should only be handled carefully; it is best to simply stay away from them. This does not, however, mean that they are heartless and emotionless. And the narrative of 71-year-old zookeeper Frickki von Solms is a fascinating illustration of this.

Zilon is an extremely peaceful and loyal lion that has known South African resident Frickki for eleven years. Zilon was born to the lioness Kata at the zoo but was quickly taken away.

It has gotten to the point that a guy now takes precautions and takes off his shoes before seeing his odd pet since Zilon can be bothered by the sound of shoes. Given that he grew up with the lion and discovered many new things while doing so, Frickki says that taking care of one is a really intriguing experience.

In addition, he was raised in front of him since birth.

He asserts that lions have distinct personalities, senses of humor, and other distinctive characteristics, despite the fact that they are commonly described in broad terms.

Zilon receives opulent care. Twelve years of friendship between Sion and Frickki will not end.

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