This dog would repeatedly bark at the carpet. What was discovered beneath it will astound you.

Uninvited guests were present, as one Network user amusingly remarked. The girl saw that her dog had suddenly materialized and was now barking at a particular area of the carpet. At the same time, the animal acted somewhat strangely while it was here.

The dog’s behavior continued after a few days, and it was still in the center of the carpet. The hostess saw that the dog was acting in a specific way for a reason and decided to raise the carpet.

The carpet underneath it was bare, yet the dog kept barking. An opossum mother and her young were camped out behind the boards. The girl decided to merely observe the infants at first as it was hard to move them.

She later calculated that there were eight cubs underneath the floor.

When the kids became older and could move in on their own, the girl constructed a big house only for the family so their mother would feel more at peace and learn to trust her involuntary mistress.

The animals also loved the great fruits and fresh vegetables that Ema began to feed them.

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