Without hesitation, the dog entered the gully and found, saved the kitten.

A dog was spotted in a narrow valley that was thought to be too steep for it to get out of. They called the local animal protection organizations and asked for help. A volunteer named Michelle arrived on the scene quite quickly.

She decided to go down to the bottom of the valley and help the animal. When Michelle went downstairs, she had a pleasant surprise. A Shih Tzu dog was lying on the ground feeding milk to a little kitten.

This proves that, in contrast to what the guys believed, she didn’t become stranded in the ravine; instead, she cared for and fed the child, saving him.

It is unclear how long the foster mother and her youngster would have lingered at the bottom of a narrow gully if someone had not seen them in time to alert volunteers. A local shelter received the delivery of the dog and cat.

Gerda was the name of the dog, which remained in his ward. Mother Gerda was a very good friend indeed. She spent the entire time with the cat. The kitty was so plump and had grown unexpectedly swiftly that moving around was practically difficult.

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